Tree Planting Initiative

Planting fruiting and native trees, providing solutions for communities


Come see the work that SAFE Worldwide has been doing to help local communities in Uganda and Rwanda.

This tree planting event was part of a week-long conservation camp near Kisoro, Uganda, with over 200 children from nearby schools and neighborhoods participating in the event.

Along with a clean-up day and nature walk, we provided over 500 samplings for school children to plant in the nearby community lands and on their family land.

SAFE Worldwide working to combat climate change

hand holding tree

Local Objective

Providing funding and volunteers to replant local deforested areas that have been affected by agro-deforestation or wildfires.

Global Objective

In partnership with local NGOs in Uganda and Rwanda, we've planted thousands of saplings in deforested areas near the National parks.

Community Objective

SAFE provides Avocado tree saplings to students to bring back to their families to plant on their family plots. They provide a food source and serve to bring clean air.

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Facts and figures regarding global reforestation

Globally, over 10M hectares of forest are lost every year.

Trees produce clean air by absorbing CO2 through photosynthesis.

Trees prevent erosion and mudslides by holding top soil in place.

A single mature tree can remove up to 100 pounds of CO2 per year.

Trees capture airborne dust, pollen, as well as manmade pollutants.

Nearly every living species on earth is nourished by trees and forests.

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