Human-Wildlife Co-Existence Initiative

Our Microloans can help prevent poaching and the bush meat trade


In partnership with HEWT  (Human Empowerment and welfare Trust), we provide interest-free loans designed to help women and families in need of financial assistance.

Our loans are used to further these womens’ business ideas and lead them to the path of economic self-sufficiency. which in turn, eliminates the need for poaching wildlife for the bush meat trade.

Some of the businesses started with the Microloan Project:

Local Shop Thriving

The neighborhood could easily support a little shop with local and daily needs goods. Our micro loan recipient has been doing well, even through COVID and she has already repaid the loan.

Sewing Center Graduates

After receiving ther certificate of completion from the Sewing Center we opened 3 years ago, each recipient received a loan to buy a sewing machine and fabrics to start their own business.

Bamboo for Construction

Our microloan recipient started a business growing bamboo that would be used for scaffolding for construction projects. She was able to pay back her loan in 10 months and bought goats with the revenue.


SAFE Worldwide creates projects in Africa that help local communities and help reduce snare poaching and the illegal bushmeat trade.

Here you will see our work creating jobs for young, impoverished Ugandans and Rwandans that will ultimately help save the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas.

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See what a day in the life of an anti-poaching team is like.  We followed the local volunteer team that spent the day searching for illegal wire snares, set for bush meat victims.  

In Dete, Zimbabwe with the Painted Dog Conservation Anti-Poaching Rangers.

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