Wildlife Conservation Camps

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over 400

students have attended since 2019


SAFE WORLDWIDE sponsored a Wildlife Conservation Camp for 200 Ugandan students near Bwindi National Forest in Western Uganda, where the critically endangered mountain gorillas live.  The camp was held on December 4th through the 9th, 2023 at one of our partner schools.

In partnership with local NGO UWCI (Umumbano Wildlife Conservation Initiative), the weeklong event seeks to improve conservation practices and community awareness towards wildlife and environment conservation, under the theme: “Gifted by Nature, Conserve Wildlife”.

The camp is a step in improving community awareness about the benefits of wildlife conservation and having income alternatives to the bushmeat trade and poaching of wildlife. 

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With the support of local rangers and regional leaders, we teach about local wildlife and how to protect and respect their flora and fauna.

Encouraging young people to use their voices and empowering them to feel safe to do the right thing and speak out against poaching.

We do a tree planting event and a clean up afternoon, teaching about sustainability and becoming good stewards of the planet.

Create change, provide hope

Whether it’s in our local neighborhood or whether it’s half way around the world, we are available to speak in schools or local communities to provide educational and entertaining information on why it’s important to save wildlife and how each one of them can do their part  to help animals in their area.

Thru education and actual experience with wildlife, children learn to love and respect their endemic wildlife. And that helps to save wildlife against poaching and the bush meat trade. 

With schoolchildren in Gisozi, Uganda, neighboring the Mgahinga National Park. 

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