Community Outreach

Engaging communities to solve wildlife conservation matters


SAFE Worldwide has been involved in multiple community projects around the world.  

Our projects seek to empower and support reformed poachers and marginalized people, providing them with a sustainable source of income to support their families.

This financial stability promotes responsibility for keeping wildlife safe from poaching and the bushmeat trade.  It inspires pride and awareness for the value of protecting the wildlife in their local regions.  We engage not just the adults but also the local children. 

SAFE Worldwide is partnering with communities to protect wildlife

Creating Jobs

Creating anti-poaching programs with local communities in human-wildlife conflict zones, we partner with local community group to provide a balance that benefits all.

Creating Awareness

Teaching about the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitat is one of the key initiatives that SAFE Worldwide prioritizes to help create future conservationists.

Creating Activism

We help promote activism in communities and schools where the locals share habitat boundaries with endangered species and other wildlife.


SAFE Worldwide creates projects in Africa that help local communities near wildlife corridors, and help reduce poaching and the use of illegal wire snares for the bushmeat trade.

We create trade skills that will provide jobs for young Ugandans and Rwandans affected by absolute poverty, so that they may become financially independent and not rely on poaching or bushmeat to survive. 

Want to help support our community projects?


Another example of the various projects that SAFE Worldwide funds to help members of disenfranchised communities, so that they may find other ways to provide for their families, rather than relying on bushmeat and poaching.


Additionally, it allows families to provide for healthcare and education for their children.  

We believe that education is the cornerstone of bringing community and wildlife into healthy co-existence.

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