Every Dollar Makes A Difference

When you support SAFE Worldwide, you help save wildlife around the world from poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.  From rescued primates in the Democratic Republic of Congo to endangered wildlife in Indonesia, and nyour donation makes a difference for wildlife.

Help us create a better and safer world for wildlife and support our anti-poaching efforts to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and bring awareness to the horrors of the exotic pet industry.  

Every dollar counts and every dollar is put to work.

Bunia now safe at JACK Sanctuary and recovering from her trauma

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Featured Projects

Empowering and inspiring local communities to protect their local wildlife.

$4,600 per camp location for over 200 kids

Combating poaching and wire snare use near critical wildlife areas.

$8,000 per year to remove wire snares

Re-wildling deforested areas to restore vital habitat in remote communities.

$4,500 per year to plant over 10,000 trees

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