Educational Programs

Be part of a growing community creating hope for wildlife


Please excuse us while our educational programming page is undergoing some updates! We are working hard to bring you even more exciting opportunities to join us in “Saving Animals Facing Extinction” and be a positive change agent in our united quest for humane and equitable co-existence for all beings, and the protection of our planet.

Whether you are in Kindergarten or College or are a parent or teacher of a young mind, the world needs YOU and SAFE Worldwide needs YOU! Our natural world is in trouble, and now is the perfect time for young minds and voices to join together to create the future they desire, rather than the one currently projected if we continue to allow old environmental and wildlife policies and practices to continue. Please stop back often to see all of our opportunities for learning, sharing, and collaborating in our global community!

Here is a glimpse into just a few of the programs under development and headed your way shortly!


Calling all students in grades 9-12: Do you care about wildlife, the environment and taking action for positive change? Consider starting a SAFE STUDENT CHAPTER in your high school! SAFE STUDENT Chapters provide opportunities to expand on SAFE Worldwide’s global efforts to tackle habitat destruction, illegal wildlife trade, global warming, species conservation and protection and sustainable living. Joining together, we can shift the mindset from human-wildlife conflict to mutual co-existence, capitalizing on our connectedness to our natural world, rather than our separateness from it. As a SAFE Chapter member, you will be working in your own schools and community, and also connecting with young leaders from around the world to share perspectives and develop solutions that create a world where everyone can thrive.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please reach out to our Policy and Educational Program Director, Charis Nick-Torok ([email protected])


Being a part of a respected and dedicated organization that shares your passion and provides opportunities for you to apply your academic knowledge with real-world experience is the perfect way to enhance your college career and your future potential. SAFE Worldwide values the unique talents of each individual. If you would like to expand your college experience by through a volunteer-based internship with us, please reach out to our Policy and Educational Program Director, Charis Nick-Torok ([email protected]) or our President, Linda Lanzl: [email protected]


Calling all Wildlife Protectors in Training! The SAFE Worldwide Wildlife Protector Academy is coming soon! If you are in Kindergarten to Sixth grade, our living planet needs you! Our program is almost ready for you to sign up to work your way through the training levels from Wildlife Helper to Wildlife Keeper and then, Wildlife Protector! Information will be posted on our Safe Worldwide webpage, under KIDZONE   Check back soon!


Kids, parents, teachers and others, gather round for important programs, information, games, activities and monthly challenges focused on protecting our planet through loving kindness and awareness of the unique value of each of us and our wildlife community. Stop in often to learn how you can be a part of a new dimension of human-wildlife coexistence. 


If you are in grades 6-8, our planet needs you to use you to put your energy and effort into becoming a SAFE Worldwide Wildlife Ambassador. Our program is under development but stop back in Spring 2023 for more information on how you can engage your school and peers in making the world a safer place for people and wildlife.


Calling all advocates to join in our SAFE Worldwide ‘space’ to connect with others, share our triumphs and setbacks, practice self-care and loving kindness and recharge yourself through compassion, empathy and our connected community. Our ‘Possibilities Central’ program is under development but stop back in the Fall of 2022 for information on our inaugural meeting.



Locally or around the world, we are available to speak in schools or local communities to provide educational and entertaining information on why it’s important to save wildlife and how each one of them can do their part to help animals in their area!  For more information or to arrange an in person or ZOOM presentation, contact Linda Lanzl: [email protected], or Charis Nick-Torok ([email protected])

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