Fundraise for a Healthier Planet

Support Our Work and help wildlife thrive in the wild


When you fundraise for SAFE Worldwide, you can be assured that 100% of all of the donations that you raise are used for our projects and initiatives to save wildlife. 

None of it gets used to cover marketing or administrative costs. None of it. Zilch.

We get to do what we love and believe in. That’s it. No hidden agendas.

Ways you can help SAFE Worldwide

Peer-to-Peer or Crowd fundraising

What's simpler than reaching out to all of your friends and family and letting them know your raising funds for a SAFE Worldwide campaign. 

Host a fundraiser event in your home

Whether in your home, backyard or elsewhere, you can hold your own event, and we'll even provide you with posters and fundraising material for your special day.

Celebration with Donations as Gifts

When you have a special celebration, what is more special than requesting for donations instead of physical gifts as a way to give back. 

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

SAFE Worldwide is a recognized non profit with Facebook and you can set up your own fundraiser supporting one of our causes.

Do a Bake Sale or Private Fundraiser

Do you like to bake or knit?  You can hold your own fundraiser by doing a simple bake sale or knit sale. A fun and easy way to give back.

Sporting Event or Pledge Challenge

Do you like to run or swim?  Combine your passion with a fundraising and get your friends to pledge a donation to your sport.

Other ideas for easy fundraising

Have a Garage Sale

Got old items you're thinking of getting rid of? Here's a chance to recycle and use the proceeds to support one of our projects to help wildlife. It's a win win for everyone.

Create an online Challenge

Use your social media skills to do something great for wildlife. Keep it fun and light (we never endorse dangerous schemes) and find ways to fundraise and create awareness.

Hold an Arts & Craft Fundraise

Do you love to knit or paint? Raise funds by selling some of your beautiful art pieces and donate the proceeds. Put your craft skills at play and help raise funds for our projects.


Join us

Be part of the solution.  

Sign up for our monthly newsletter.  Or contact us to become a SAFE Worldwide volunteer and help save wildlife and the planet. 

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