Beekeeping Initiative

 Community empowerment through beekeeping projects


As part of SAFE Worldwide’s approach to human-wildlife coexistence, we’re sponsoring a beekeeping employment program  in the Mgahinga National Park region of Uganda, home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas.

In partnership with local NGO MUSAA and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the project seeks to empower and support reformed poachers and marginalized people, providing them with a sustainable source of income. This income promotes responsibility for wildlife and inspires pride, which prevents poaching and wire snare use for bush meat. 

Promoting community empowerment thru employment

Processing Facility

SAFE Worldwide funded the processing equipment, so that the Mgahinga beekeeping community could become self-reliant and maximize the communities economic strength.

Organic Honey

With the support from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the honey harvested from within the boundaries of the forest is some of the most flavorable, organic honey on the market.


This project supports the conservation efforts of several critically endangered species in the Mgahinga National forest of Uganda, such as Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys.

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SAFE Worldwide is proud of funding a beekeeping initiative that promotes community sustainable income.  

Check out our projects in the Mgahinga region, in Gisozi, where we are helping the community self-manage the bee production in the region.