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Partner with JACK Sanctuary in the DRCongo


Your donation will help us towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   

The rescue of a chimp or primates in this country can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars as we require private planes and days worth of rescue efforts to bring them to the Sanctuary. The work is exhausting but saving these babies is our critical work but it is often their only hope to a return back to the wold one day.

Chimp Bunia

Illegal wildlife trafficking is a $20 Billion a year industry and there are no signs that it’s stopping. Thousands of species of animals, including endangered species of mammals and birds, are stolen every year from their forests to be sold either for their body parts or for the exotic animal industry.  

In the DRC, illegal poaching of chimpanzees, and other primates, some critically endangered, is a battle that is fought by organizations like JACK Sanctuary and ONG-Appacol PRN in a constant effort to curb the bushmeat and exotic pet trade.

SAFE Worldwide is committed to supported their efforts by providingfunding to project that help rescue these victims and also bring awareness to the cause, to help put a stop to illegal wildlife trafficking in the country.

Fighting illegal wildlife trafficking and the bushmeat trade


This is the story of Banda, a rescued chimp brought to JACK Sanctuary, that is located in Lubumbashi, DRC. 

She is one of the lucky ones that has a chance to survive to adulthood.  The majority of the victims of illegal wildlife trafficking never survive.

Watch her amazing rescue and why the work of these sanctuaries is critical to the survival of her species.

Facts and figures regarding the worldwide poaching industry

Black Market for Tiger parts

Tigers are poached on the black market for their organs, claws, teeth, pelts and bones used in traditional Chinese and eastern medicine.

$70-213 Billion

The illicit wildlife and plant trade is estimated to be worth $70-213 billion a year and infringes on natural resources of countries and wealth of businesses around the world.


100 million sharks are killed every year throughout the world for either consumption or as a consequence of fishing by-catch. 

Overfishing is the biggest form of poaching in the world. 

Time is

running out

Poaching is contributing to the extinction of thousands  of species, including tigers, bears, elephants, and rhinoceroses.

Elephant Deaths

It is estimated that between 30,000 and 38,000 elephants are poached annually for their ivory tusks.  

Approximately 400,000 elephants are left in the wild.

30,000 lost

Over 30,000 green sea turtles are poached every year in California alone. 6 of the 7  species of sea turtles are endangered, due to climate change and human activity.

$40,000 each

Baby gorillas and chimpanzees are being poached and stolen from the wild, sold for as much as $50,000 each.



Big-horned sheep antlers can fetch $20,000 on the black market.


per day...

In Africa, thousands of animals are poached every day illegally for either the bushmeat trade or for the illegal wildlife trade


Words can be powerful. Stori Smith knows how to take a tough topic and turn it into poetry while creating awareness about the subject matter:  The exotic pet industry as part of illegal wildlife trafficking.

Follow the journey of Stori’s words and help to bring awareness to a topic that is killing and harming tens of thousands of animals each year.

Click here for Stori’s spoken words

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