Our work in Rwanda and Uganda with local Communities

SAFE Worldwide Wilderness Conservation Camp - Dec 2019

Proud of the work we did during the Wilderness Conservation Camp put together by MUSAA, Uganda Wildlife Authority and SAFE Worldwide.  A week of teaching about Wildlife in Uganda, Anti-Poaching and Anti Bush Meat trade, Conservation Programs, tree planting afternoon, Outdoor nature walks, singing, dancing, telling stories, drawing and just have a great old time.

Check out some of the awesome drawing works from our students, aged 5 to 16 ->  




Educational talks in US and abroad regarding wildlife protection and conservation issues affecting us and how anyone can get involved and make a positive impact on the planet.



Tree planting programs in areas affected by deforestation in Rwanda, Uganda  and on Borneo due to illegal logging and forest clearing.

We make sure that each child gets to bring home a sapling (our two) of a fruiting tree to plant in the property. 

Watch our tree planting efforts in  Uganda on the video below!


Students receive a free yearlong training, for which they receive certification that enables them to start sewing for others or start their own business with our micro loans.

We provide the sewing machines, fabric and all the necessary tools for them to start learning.

Turning Snares into Art

Planting Trees in Uganda