Wildlife Conservation

SAFE Worldwide partners with vetted wildlife organizations that help to save, rehabilitate and return endangered species back to their natural habitats.  We provide financial support for wildlife enrichment programs for the animals while in the care of humans. We also support the build of new or safer enclosures, the use of specialized tracking devices and land purchases for migration corridors that help increase their survival due to a growing threat of human encroachment of their territory.

Providing a specialized tracking collar that allows The Painted Dog Conservation to follow a family of Painted Wolves (also called African Painted Dog) to ensure they do not trespass unto community lands, where they will be hunted or killed by farmers. PDC is also doing educations programs with local communities to teach them about Painted wolves and why we should save them from extinction.
Elephants crossing the plains of the Serengeti to reach water and food sources. Fencing, farming and human encroachment on land that has been part of their migration path for thousands of years is impacting their survival, along with many other species that are in danger of extinction.

With the PDC anti-poaching team and local community volunteers, searching for snares in the bush that kill many wildlife species, including the critically endangered African Painted Wolves.  The snares  are removed and get turned into beautiful art and jewelry.   (Dete, Zimbabwe)

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