22 Sustainable Resolutions for 2022

22 Sustainable Resolutions for 2022

With the new year, comes new resolutions. It is clear, as highlighted by the Paris Climate Agreement, that climate change needs to be addressed today. This year, we hope you choose to reduce your carbon footprint and develop sustainable living patterns. 

1 – Use Reusable Items

This one can be applied to a lot of single-use plastics. Estimates show we exceeded 580 million plastic bottles in 2021. Consider reusable bottles, bags, napkins, and more to reduce your contribution to the global plastic count. 

2 – Reduce Phantom Energy

We use a lot of energy by simply leaving out electronics plugged in. Instead, unplug your TV, lamps, and video game stations when you leave the house or when they are not in use. 

3 – Eco-Friendly Shopping

There are a lot of environmental downsides to shopping… But what are some useful apps to ensure you are doing your part? TreeClick, Good on You, and Depop are all great apps to check out. You can plant trees while you shop or check where your products are coming from.

Eating no meat or less meat reduces greenhouse gases, which contribute heavily to climate change.

4 – Eat Less Meat

Cows are the number one producer of Methane, a greenhouse gas contributing to a rise in temperatures. But all factory farming practices are harming the environment. Reduce your consumption of meat and dairy this year. If you are already Vegan or Vegetarian, encourage someone else in your life to make the change. 

5 – Start A Garden

Buying produce from the grocery store involves a lot of emissions. Many of the fruits and vegetables come from far away states and countries, meaning they must be transported thousands of miles. 

6 – Waste Less Food

Each year, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States, alone. This food is grown, transported, and then wasted. Contributing to a hunger crisis and climate crisis. 

7 – Waste Less Water

The average family can waste 180 gallons of water per week. Take short showers and make sure your faucets are securely turned off. 

Will you help protect our water?

8 – Invest in Eco-Friendly House Products

Looking to purchase a new washer and dryer? A new dishwasher? Invest in energy-efficient and water-efficient machines. 

9 – Clean Up After Your Pet

A lot of pet products are unfortunately not eco-friendly. Find biodegradable cat litter, biodegradable doggie bags, and other eco-friendly products when shopping for your furry friend. 

10 – Walk, Bike, Carpool

If you live in an area where walking or biking to work or school is possible, do so! However, if you live further out of the way, think about starting a carpool group with neighbors goings to the same area as you. 

11 – Hold Your Government Accountable

Vote, vote, vote! Your vote matters and can have a huge impact on representatives that take environmental concerns seriously. If you think a representative could do a better job or needs to focus on a certain issue, write to them. 

12 – Invest Responsibly

Are you contributing to a retirement fund? Or stocks? Make sure you are investing in environmentally responsible companies. 

Purchasing recycled products and reusable items will help to reduce your personal impact on the environment.

13 – Help Prevent Deforestation

80,000 acres of trees are cleared, every day! Buy recycled products, shop at environmentally conscious companies, and stand with Indigenous voices, in the protection of their lands.  

14 – Get Involved in Your Community

Start a community garden, a community clean-up program, or a climate change action group with people in your community. Change starts locally. 

15 – Have More Conversations About Climate Change

A lot of people want to ignore the facts, but action needs to be taken today. Have these tough conversations. Talk with your family, friends, and coworkers about their responsibilities to the environment. 

16 – Sign More Petitions

There are hundreds and hundreds of petitions that can help the environment and endangered species. They are quick and easy to contribute to! Check out ours: 

17 – Reduce Palm Oil Use

Palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation and threatens endangered animals like the orangutan. Boycott companies and products that use palm oil. There are plenty of apps and programs that make it easy! 

Palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation and threatens endangered animals like the orangutan.

18 – Protect Clean Water

Properly dispose of or reduce hazardous waste in your home. 

19 – Shop Organically

Pesticides like Malathion threaten 97% of endangered species in the United States. You can help protect these animals against the negative side effects of insecticide by reducing your use of hazardous chemicals and by shopping 

20 – Support Your Locals

Support local farms, shops, and education centers are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and support climate education. 

21 – Volunteer or Donate to a Non-Profit

Looking for a way to get involved directly? Volunteering or donating is a great way to see your actions make a direct impact. 

22 – Get Organized!

Form a community council, protest, take action. Show your community and your government need to be taken seriously. Your voice can make a difference! 


Want more ideas for sustainable living? Or need some help implementing these ideas? Check out our new Climate Action Page!

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