Proboscis Monkey

Philippine Cockatoo

Florida Panther

Galapagos Penquin

Horseshoe Crab

Hawksbill Turtle

Caribbean Reef Shark

That's so Mangrove!

Did you know some forests have sharks?

Most trees cannot servive in saltwater.But mangroves are made of trees and shrubs with a special ability: they filter salt out of their leaves. This allows them to live halfway underwater. Mangroves help keep tropical costlines stable and support wildlife who live in the sky and the ocean.

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Endangered Species Search

An endangered species is hiding on the map! Use the clues to discovere who they are and where they live. They’ll pop up when you click on the right species and place on the map. Come back next month to find another animal!


A slender mammal who stays in burrows to survive cold winters.

Their population growth and decline is a sign of their
grassland habitat’s health

Their bodies are long with black marking on their feet,legs and face

Feline carnivores who mainly eat prairie dogs.

Who are they


Where are they

Want to learn more about specific endangered species? Check out SAFE Worldwide’s Species in Peril series for information,photos,and ways to help.

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