What SAFE WW has been up to.

In February 2019, SAFE Worldwide went back to Musanze, Rwanda, to see how the Women’s Empowering Project was coming along.  We were so impressed with the Women’s Tailoring Project, where  young girls (unwed mothers and those unable to afford staying in school)  learned to sew, with the sewing machines that SAFE WW bought for them 8 months ago. The goal is for them to have financial independence so that they may return to school, care for their children/parents or afford health care. The next phase of our project is to have these beautiful young women “graduate” and then open their own “cooperative” where they will be able to sell the clothes and bags they make. This fall, the plan is to move their talent forward by buying  electric sewing machines.


In September 2017, SAFE WW partnered with a local community in the outlining area of the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. SAFE and SACOLA are committed saving the mountain gorillas AND provide jobs, education and health services for the people who live within the proximity of these beautiful great apes. Together, we form a partnership that creates a win win for both wildlife and humans.



On February 23, 2017, SAFE WW was granted 501(c)(3) status.  Huge deal for us, we are thrilled and we had no delays at all getting approved.  Now SAFE WW can get to the real work at hand.

We are supporting OFI (Orangutan Foundation Intl) to raise funds for their enrichment programs and to build another Haha on Borneo. The haha is a 1 or 2 acre enclosed protected area of rainforest where we can release orphaned orangutans to prepare them for release in the wild.  We can release anywhere from 1 to 5 orangutans in the hahas and watch them from afar as they learn to be self sufficient in the forest, making their sleeping nests and feeding off the land.  However, because the area is too small to provide enough fruit for so many orangutan, we supplement the feeding with fruit and “milk” which helps them stay healthy and strong.

Stay tune for upcoming pictures of the haha and the work to get more land to help the orphaned orangutans go back to the pristine rainforests they come from.